Thursday, June 02, 2005

Lion Around

I have become something of a camera snob of late. I have a point-and-shoot which can fit in my shirt pocket, but I always use my D70 SLR for the "serious stuff". That being said, I can't take my SLR everywhere I go because it's just too darn big. It's not just the camera (which by itself is pretty big -- it's at least ten times the size and weight of the point-and-shoot), but taking the SLR means that I also have to take a separate flash unit, a second lens, some extra batteries for the flash, some extra memory cards in case I have a busy picture-taking day, and other various little odds and ends. If I am taking the camera out for more than a day or two, I will probably also bring my laptop computer so I can transfer pictures from the camera and review them during the trip (and now, post them on my blog while I am traveling). All told, using my SLR can be a huge pain in the -- shoulder. Therefore, despite all my newfound snobiness and the fact that I am a control freak, sometimes it actually does come to pass that it is just too much trouble to try to take my SLR somewhere. On those trips, I have to remind myself that sometimes a point-and-shoot ain't so bad. This picture is a good reminder.

Camera: Nikon Coolpix 5200
Location: L├╝beck, Germany

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Doug said...

I have it on good authority from a source at Nikon that the digital camera is a fad and the 110 film camera is poised to make a comeback.