Monday, June 13, 2005

Round and Round

I always wondered how photographers got those really cool shots of [insert favorite subject here] totally undisturbed by people. My experience has been that if I go to a lake at sunrise to get a picture of the reflections in the water, some guy with a speed boat has already been there to upset the water. The picture above also falls into that category. I have seen other pictures of carnivals, where the photographer gets some interesting light effects, but there are never any people in those shots. I know there has to be sombody there because otherwise the carnival wouldn't be lit up and running. Maybe it's just my city-raised nature. Maybe I subconsciously avoid any area that doesn't have any people because, as far as my brain is concerned, people are everywhere. In other words, a place with nothing but nature is somehow unnatural.

Camera: Nikon D1X
Location: Deer Park Fireman's Fair, Deer Park, NY

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