Monday, June 27, 2005

Unhappy Birthday

Alice in Wonderland went to a Happy Un-birthday party. I wonder if Amanda above caught the irony.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Round and Round

I always wondered how photographers got those really cool shots of [insert favorite subject here] totally undisturbed by people. My experience has been that if I go to a lake at sunrise to get a picture of the reflections in the water, some guy with a speed boat has already been there to upset the water. The picture above also falls into that category. I have seen other pictures of carnivals, where the photographer gets some interesting light effects, but there are never any people in those shots. I know there has to be sombody there because otherwise the carnival wouldn't be lit up and running. Maybe it's just my city-raised nature. Maybe I subconsciously avoid any area that doesn't have any people because, as far as my brain is concerned, people are everywhere. In other words, a place with nothing but nature is somehow unnatural.

Camera: Nikon D1X
Location: Deer Park Fireman's Fair, Deer Park, NY

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Big Cheese

Lest anyone should forget about those two smiling faces, here's a reminder. We actually caught a moment when the boys were not fighting over toy airplanes, not yelling at each other over who was singing whose song (boy does that bring back memories!), and not refusing to smile just for the sheer thrill of seeing their parents' faces turn purple.

Camera: Nikon D100
Location: Port St. Lucie, FL

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Lion Around

I have become something of a camera snob of late. I have a point-and-shoot which can fit in my shirt pocket, but I always use my D70 SLR for the "serious stuff". That being said, I can't take my SLR everywhere I go because it's just too darn big. It's not just the camera (which by itself is pretty big -- it's at least ten times the size and weight of the point-and-shoot), but taking the SLR means that I also have to take a separate flash unit, a second lens, some extra batteries for the flash, some extra memory cards in case I have a busy picture-taking day, and other various little odds and ends. If I am taking the camera out for more than a day or two, I will probably also bring my laptop computer so I can transfer pictures from the camera and review them during the trip (and now, post them on my blog while I am traveling). All told, using my SLR can be a huge pain in the -- shoulder. Therefore, despite all my newfound snobiness and the fact that I am a control freak, sometimes it actually does come to pass that it is just too much trouble to try to take my SLR somewhere. On those trips, I have to remind myself that sometimes a point-and-shoot ain't so bad. This picture is a good reminder.

Camera: Nikon Coolpix 5200
Location: L├╝beck, Germany