Monday, October 03, 2005

The Martini

Shaken, not stirred.

Actually, I have been informed recently that no serious martini drinker would have their cocktail shaken (sorry Mr. Bond). Not being a serious martini drinker, I really don't care how the various potable components are combined. In fact, I am such an un-serious martini drinker that I have never had a "real" martini -- you know, the kind that is made with only gin and vermouth (and maybe an olive). What you are seeing here is an apple martini -- the drink of choice for those who want to drink out of a fancy martini glass, and also for those who want to drink something that won't make their mouths pucker up so badly that they would have to drink the remainder through a straw.

Camera: Nikon D70
Location: Los Angeles, California

1 comment:

iPont said...

Yes, a bit of creative Photoshopping was needed. The wall behind the bottles was actually lit with a dark orange glow. It gave everything a cool atmosphere, but I wanted to remove it from this picture to highlight the green of the drink. Stay tuned for Martini Part Deux.

And yes, the bartender was something of an art snob. She recently graduated from art school and was of the mind that if the picture wasn't taken on film with a Hasselblad, then it wasn't worth considering. My favorite comment from her came when she was taking a picture with my (digital) D70. I said something like, "just press the shutter button to take the picture," and she said, "Oh, just like a real camera." Then I said "Bitch" (in my head).