Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Lite Brite

Remember the jingle from the old Lite Brite TV commercials? I'll sing it for you now (just read the words and imagine that there is catchy tune accompanying them):

Lite Brite, makin' things with light.
Outtasite, makin' things with Lite Brite

I guess any that "outtasite" reference pretty much pegs it as an early-seventies ad campaign. Brilliant lyricists they had, rhyming "Brite" with both "Light" and "Lite". But I digress...

The above is a misshapen heart drawn by Michael with a sparkler leftover from July 4th. I think this somewhat typifies my son's artistic ability at the moment (which I am proud to say he received from his dear old dad). Maybe we'll stick with reading and math, and not worry so much about art class.

Camera: Nikon D70

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