Monday, August 08, 2005

Looking Back at the Pumpkins

With Thing Two's birthday coming up, you might wonder how much has changed in three years. This picture was taken when he was about three months old. I remember not liking him very much at that point in his life. He didn't do much more than eat, poop, and cry, with a lot of emphasis on the crying. We didn't become friends until many more months had passed, but now I can't imagine a day without seeing his smile or hearing his laugh. One of the jokes in Bill Cosby's stand-up routine was something like, "My friend asked me why I had four children. I said it was because I did not want five." The older I (and my kids) get, the funnier Bill Cosby's old routines become.

If anybody didn't get that "Thing Two" reference, Thing One and Thing Two are two troublemakers from Dr. Suess' The Cat in the Hat. They excel in turning a house into a shambles in mere minutes. I can't help but wonder about the similarities between them and my own two Things.

Camera: Nikon Coolpix 995

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